HTDEM is unquestionably one of the most versatile and productive airborne geophysical methods. And with the new advances in noise reduction, calibrated and controlled transmitter outputs, selectable simultaneous dual frequency for continuous depth measurements, three orthogonal receivers which are also calibrated and controlled, use of INS monitoring the towed bird orientation for enhanced depth accuracy, and full waveform recording for on-time, dB/dt and B-field profiles resulting data is more accurate, more precise and more useful.  AirTEM brings all of this and more into exploration and mapping programs targeting VMS, vein hosted mineralization, kimberlite characterization, and overburden and groundwater resource mapping.

With AirTEM no longer is transmitted power the principal criteria for selecting a system.  Airtem achieves the response from depth by better controlling the signal to noise ratio, producing clean data from depth without needing the 'bigger hammer' approach.

But it doesn't end there.  Ask yourself these two questions. How many days in the field do you have no to only moderate wind? And how many areas where you are exploring are over flat to moderate terrain? Did you know that non-ridged systems warp and disfigure in cross winds thus changing the dipole moment and distorting the signal? And think through the dynamics of operations in moderate terrain.  As a helicopter climbs and crests a hill, what happens to airspeed and forward movement? And what happens then to the non-ridged towed system? It distorts, again altering the transmitted signal and inducing noise, unacceptable noise. Could that be over the undiscovered ore body you are searching for – and just missed by choosing the wrong tool for the job?

Choose wisely, choose a system designed from the ground up to be the most controlled, most reliable, the best helicopter time domain system – AirTEM - The proven tool for the job.

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