Here is how AGT works with and for you. We….

Identify buyers with real budgets and the technical and financial decision makers.

Determine the exact requirements of the buyer, and define technical parameters / specifications through                      interchanges between its Moscow staff, buyer, Canadian associates and the supplier.

Translate the buyer's needs into tender requests with proper terms of reference for purchase.

Prepare and submit proposals and quotations in both English and Russian.

Secure contracts with favorable and realistic terms of delivery and payment.

Identify and satisfy all procurement and financial regulations that will secure reliable means of payment and timely import of goods into Russia.

Advise the Seller on proper shipping procedures and required documentation and the Buyer on import customs procedures and practices.

Plan and execute training programs associated with the sales of goods and technology.

Provide after-sales technical and communications support.

The process may sound simple but in this market it is often very complex, and this is where AGT with its extensive experience in transferring technology to Russia can facilitate.